Monorail Cranes

We are Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Monorail Cranes and Spare parts accessories. We have installed Monorail Cranes all over India.We are also specialised in AMC Services ( Annual Maintenance Contract )

Single Beam Monorail Crane is a type of overhead crane which consists of 3 mechanisms: Lifting mechanism, Crane travelling mechanism, Trolley travelling mechanism; lifting mechanism consist of hoist, wire rope, pulley and hook.

A monorail crane is a type of crane that acts as a substitute for conventional cranes and conveyor belts. A monorail crane hoist is attached on the trolley using a steel cable or chain for lifting, lowering and suspending the load to the designated location.

  • The Monorail AdvantageReliable. Across the globe there are close to 50 Monorail Systems that daily reliably carry millions of people.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • Proven
  • Easy to Build.
  • Expandable.
  • Narrow Footprint.
  • Lower Operating Costs.
  • Economics.